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CE approved Ceramic Ozone Generator

CE approved Ceramic Ozone Generator
Product Detailed

1.Ozone generator (3g-500g/h) for air cleaning
2.Ozone water treatment machine for water disinfection
3.Mixing device

CFY-24 Ozone Generator Technical Data:



                             Ozone generating capacity:          24g/h

                             Gas sources:                              oxygen

                             Power supply:                             220v/50Hz

                             Power:                                       320w

                             Net weight:                                 35kg

                             G.W:                                          40kg

                             Size:                                          500*420*420


                             The air pressure of ozone input:    ≤0.15MPa

                             The air pressure of ozone output:   0.1MPa

                             Ozone concentration:                   ≥60mg/L

                             The interface of ozone outlet:        Φ8*1 soft pipe

                             Temperature:                               5-35 centigrade

                              Humidity:                                   ≤80%

                              Rate input flow:                           15-20L/g


Introduction: CFY-24 ozone generator can be moved with four wheels, is composed of ozone generating unit with board shape and ceramic medium. High generating efficiency, high ozone concentration and stable performanceHigh oxygen utilization rate, 15L oxygen can produce 1g ozone.


        1. Take oxygen as gas source.

        2. Plate-styple oxne generating unit with air coling.

        3. Driven by high-frequency and high voltage power (ozone generating theory).

        4. Steel sheet case with zincification and plastic-spraying.


Ozone generator main application field:


1.                  Disinfect and sterilize purified water, mineral water, beverage (material water), treat medium water and waste water.

2.                  Disinfect and sterilize aseptic workshop with the outside centralizing method.

3.                  Produce high concentrated ozone water, rinse and spray raw materials and accessorial material, clean vegetable and fruits, to reach the purpose of disinfecting and sterilizing the surface.

4.                  Produce high concentrated ozone water, disinfect and sterilize pipeline and utensils.

5.                  Decolor the high-level oxidation technology of chemical and industrial system.


Our main products:


1.  CFY series (oxygen source) ozone generator: CFY-3,6,12,24,50,100,150,225,300,500.

2.  CFZY series (air source) ozone generator: CFZY-3,6,12,24,50,100,150,225,300,500.

3.  CHYS series ozone water treatment machine (Integrate ozone generator, tube mixer and water pump into one): CHYS-B, CHYS-C, CHYS-D.

4.  GH series tube mixer: CH-1,2,3,4,5......30..

5.  TH series mixing tower: TH-1,2,3,4,5....20...



If you have other requirements, we also can costomize for you.


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